Making wise, balanced decisions about what you ingest is an easy way to maintain health. Copyright 2011 Erika Emma Reimers

 Here at The Salted Pistachio (@SaltedPistachio) you will get a taste of a variety of discussions about food and related topics. This interactive site offers up a fresh view on food near and not so far from you. Read on to discover easy, delicious recipes and a multitude of cuisine discourse that may spark an appetite for more.

Check back for my coverage on Foodstock: Save the Land That Feeds Us. After my trip to Conover, Ontario I’ll give the scoop on the tastes, sights and sounds of the event. With so much hype around it, the gathering of over 80 chefs and thousands of diners is sure to leave a bold taste in anyone’s mouth.
Poster for Foodstock: Save The Land That Feeds Us. Courtesy of

One thought on “amuse-bouche

  1. Foodstock! sounds good…NO MEGA QUARRY!! I love fresh produce from the local farmer’s market and I would HATE to see it go! See you there!


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