*Tips & Tricks*

Have a unique way to ensure your meal comes out perfect? Share it here!

Have a unique way to ensure your meal comes out perfect? Share it here!

Share tips you have for the kitchen – or anything to do with food – and help others erase that oops!

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3 thoughts on “*Tips & Tricks*

  1. IDEA #1
    No need to throw away the little bit of……
    …..bechamel (white) sauce that you didn’t use and put it into your next stew, noodle dish or soup for added flavour and texture.
    …..unused tomatoes slices- keep them for your next soup or sauce for an added flavour and colour.
    …..vegetables left over from your last meal – they can be thrown into your next soup, noodle or stew.
    …..the little bit of tomato sauce leftover – you can use it to add flavour to a white sauce if it’s being used for noodles, or to any meat dish i.e. goulash.
    You can even freeze all of the above and pop them into new your dish as it’s cooking.

    IDEA #2
    No need to use shortening in your baking – butter is healthy substitute that adds lots of flavour!

    IDEA #3
    You can reduce the fat in any baking by substituting applesauce on a 1 to 1 basis (i.e. 1 cup butter = 1 cup applesauce). I like to halve the butter in my recipes and/or simply add a 1/4 applesauce to any standard recipe because it adds texture, flavour and moisture. Makes any cake taste better and taste better longer. Give it a try!

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    • Those are great Tips Moritz! I like making homemade soups and try to use what I have on-hand – I LOVE cooking with butter and agree that it’s a good fat – No substitutes! However, I’ll try the applesauce substitute to moisten my next cake! I’ll incorporate these tips in the 2nd Edition! Thanks so much!


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