Welcome to The Salted Pistachio!

What is Food?

Food is a source of energy that comes from things we digest.

To me, that definition is too narrow. Food can be so many things. Food is source of exploration, the path to health and a feeling of joy, among others. As a life-long gastronome, I want to explore the food and foodways within my world and share the fun along the way on The Salted Pistachio.

Vanilla cupcakes with pink and white vanilla butter-cream icing. Copyright 2011 Erika Emma Reimers


In this international environment, many types of food are available in a wide variety. As a European-Canadian raised in the Greater Toronto Area, my palette has an insatiable curiosity for all things delicious!

At The Salted Pistachio (#TheSaltedPistachio), you can entice your taste buds with some easy recipes, read about food and related issues important to you, discover local restaurant and reviews and write me about topics you want me to investigate or recipes you want me to recommend.

SaltedPistachio.Wordpress.com is 100% organic – meaning I’m approaching this site with a cost-free paradigm. Sure, paying for a shorter URL and bidding to be at the top of your search engine results would help drive traffic to my site and social media efforts, but where’s the fun in that?

Of course, your support is always appreciated!

Thank you for exploring with me the multitude of opportunities food has to offer!


-Erika Emma Reimers

Creator, Writer, Photographer

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Creator, writer and photographer for The Salted Pistachio. Copyright 2011 Erika Emma Reimers.


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