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Sign of Weakness: Cold Pork-chops

I love cold pork-chops.

I know – not everybody’s thing.

Lately I’ve been eating less and less meat and after I became close-friends with a born-and-bred vegetarian, I grew curious about meatless and nutritious (not to mention De-licious) meals. I just got tired of the same steak/chicken/pork options I had for dinner, I guess.


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Pork-chop Heaven. Copyright 2016 Erika Emma Reimers.

But I made pork-chops last night and when it came time for leftovers tonight, I re-heated the mashed potatoes and the kale stir-fry (post coming soon)…but decided to eat the ‘chop cold… sans knife, too. 🙂

I learned how to fry pork-chops from my French-Canadian Mom, who learned from her Father.

Heat a pan to medium-high so that when you add the butter, it doesn’t brown too quickly. Add some onions and then the pork-chops – seasoned with pepper and salt (or in my case a German grill seasoning (paprika, pepper, basil, rosemary, thyme, onion and parsnip).

You can omit the onions and opt for boneless pork-chops for picky eaters – no judgement.

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Copyright 2016 Erika Emma Reimers.

P.S. If you haven’t tried apricot with pork, you haven’t lived! I use apricot jam.Either smother a porkloin, add to the slow-cooker or just put some on your plate as a side-sauce. Serious YUM!