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D.I.Y. @ Home Beauty: Sweet Hair Oil

Beauty from the Kitchen

My favourite oil is almond oil. I use it in cooking, baking, on my skin and in my hair for its neutral and comparitively sweet flavour to other oils such as olive or canola.

Just beware of over-conditoning hair if you’re planning to leave the house afterwards as excessive moisturizing product can easily saturate most hair types.

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Plastic shower-cap
Hair elastic or clip

Before your shower pour a little almond oil in your hands and rub into the hair from tips to roots, concentrating on the ends of the hair. Apply as much or as little as you wish; the shampoo will help rebalance the moisture level.

Twist or tie up your hair. Put on a plastic shower cap and, if you like, wrap a towel around your head for extra insultation. The more time you leave the oil on before the shower, the more it will be effected by the heat from your head.

If you find your hair is softer and more manageable, try this once a week or once a month to give your hair some love in the dry months.

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D.I.Y. @ Home Beauty: Honey Lemon Scrub

This May Get Messy…
You have all you require for a luxurious face and body scrub right at home.
The moisturizing properties in this all-edible exfoliant are excellent for replenishing the skin.
2 and 1/2 cups of sugar
1/2 cup sweet almond oil
4 teaspoons lemon juice
4 tablespoons liquid honey
Beautiful Citrus. Copyright 2012 Erika Emma Reimers.

Beautiful Citrus. Copyright 2012 Erika Emma Reimers.

Tip: Bare in mind that this scrub is best applied in the shower, before a steamy rinse. 
Combine all ingredients in small bowl; mix thoroughly. Add more honey and/or oil as needed to achieve a creamy consistency.
To use, scoop out a handful of scrub and apply to damp face, neck, hands, and/or whole bodyRinse well with warm water. Pat skin dry with a soft cloth or towel.

D.I.Y. @ Home Beauty: Honey Bath

“Hi Honey”

Food Fact 1:  It takes the nectar of nearly 1 and half million flowers to produce two cups of honey.

Hi Honey. All honey is produced by the Apis Mellifera species of bee. Copyright 2011 Erika Emma Reimers.

Hi Honey. All honey is produced by the hardworking Apis Mellifera species of bee. Copyright 2011 Erika Emma Reimers.

 Add a 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of liquid honey to running bathwater to serve up soft and moisturized skin. Honey naturally attracts moisture and the fragrant smell will warm your senses after a soak in the tub.

 Check back for another honey-based beauty regime from D.I.Y. @ Home Beauty

Soap Bubbles. Copyright 2012 Erika Emma Reimers.

Soap Bubbles. Copyright 2012 Erika Emma Reimers.

Food Fact 2: the Apis Mellifera bee was introduced to North America in the 1600s and produces all of our edible honey.

D.I.Y. @ Home Beauty – new section coming soon!

Waste Not – Want Not

Copyright 2011 Erika Emma Reimers.

Food is for more than just eating; items like lemons and oatmeal can be used as a substitute for store-bought products.

D.I.Y. @ Home Beauty posts will be a tradition on The Salted Pistachio and I’d love to hear from you about your homemade beauty remedies!

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