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DIY @ Home Beauty: Baking Soda & Coconut Oil Exfoliant

I discovered this excellent alternative to store-bought faces scrubs when I wanted to “slim down” my beauty product stash.

Find out how to make Baking soda and coconut exfoliant at home!

“Adding coconut oil helps balance baking soda’s slight alkalinity.”

The winter season is notorious for its drying effects on skin and hair. This DIY@HomeBeauty regimen will help slough off dull skin and prepare you for a fresh spring season.

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How to Save A Buck…

Finding it hard to save money and eat well too?

Share my love of food – and frugality on The Salted Pistachio…Tips, Easy Recipes and DIY@ Home Beauty

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First Edition: *Tips & Tricks*

The first edition of *Tips & Tricks* is here! Thanks to all contributors!

Check in for frequent updates!
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  • Always read the entire recipe before you begin to ensure that you have all the necessary ingredients and utensils
  • Using the timer on the microwave? Consider using a backup at the same time incase the power goes out!
  • Clean cast iron by scrubbing with salt and wiping clean – I know it’s hard, but DON’T use detergents…


  • Roll your lemons or submerse them in warm water before squeezing to get more juice

    Roll your lemons or submerse them in warm water before squeezing to get more juice. Copyright 2012 Erika Emma Reimers.

    Keep lemons in your kitchen for everything from flavouring teas and baked goods to a natural cleaning-agent. Copyright 2012 Erika Emma Reimers.

  • Store mushrooms in a paper bag in main section of fridge; plastic bags and fruit drawers reduce air circulation and result in slimy, quickly spoiled mushrooms Continue reading

Recipe: Hot Golden Milk

Warm glass of Sunshine

Morning sunshine turmeric tea hot mug drink yellow liquid

Morning Sunshine! Copyright 2016 Erika Emma Reimers

Golden Milk, or Turmeric Tea as it’s otherwise known, is a recipe for a rich, warm glass of ‘sunshine’ that I discovered in a yoga book about 7 years ago [Yoga for Women by Shakta Kaur Khalsa, 2002].

Way more than just an ingredient in curries, turmeric can be added to give a boost to recipes like cauliflower soup and smoothies! Some describe this member of the ginger family as having a slightly bitter and earthy aroma with subtle hints of lemon and mint.

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