#Tip Of The Week: Twisted Avocado


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"Autumn acorn enlightenment"

Acorn squash soup is delicious with roasted chicken, parsley and a dash of cinnamon during the colder months. Copyright 2011 Erika Emma Reimers

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Food can be so many things.  To some, food is just energy, but to many food is the path to health, a source of exploration and a feeling a comfort. As a journalist and life-long gastronome, I want to explore the food and foodways within my world and share the fun along the way. 

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Making wise, balanced decisions about what you ingest is an easy way to maintain health. Copyright 2011 Erika Emma Reimers

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Check back for my coverage on Foodstock: Save the Land That Feeds Us. After my trip to Conover, Ontario I’ll give the scoop on the tastes, sights and sounds of the event. With so much hype around it, the gathering of over 80 chefs and thousands of diners is sure to leave a bold taste in anyone’s mouth.

Poster for Foodstock: Save The Land That Feeds Us. Courtesy of nomegaquarry.ca.